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Log Splitter  &  Wood Splitters  
  All of our Commercial grade SPLITez Log Splitters & Wood Splitters are built in the U.S.A. With only top quality materials, American Labor and The Best Professional Welders .
Vertical  wood splitter built by splitez log splitters       


  Why is SPLITez so massive &  built better than other Log Splitters  ? 

 Its plain and simple, log splitters are put in a demanding, brutal, unforgiving environment.  Its total all out war with wood, When Splitting wood.  O  Lbs. up to 58,900  lbs of push with a 5" Bore hydraulic cylinder in matter  of  seconds then back to 0 Lbs.

   The log splitter main frame is trying tare its self apart by Stretching, twisting, bending, bowing, then there is METAL FATIGUE , *cracking & breaking. 

  * Metal fatigue is the progressive and localized structural damage that occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic loadings. 

   A MASSIVE, RUGGED, ENDURING OVER  KILL, HEAVY DUTY BUILT SPLITez  will be there ready to go to work on time and split firewood 7 days a week for years and with only a minimum of upkeep.

  If you are in the firewood business or just like top quality products there is only one choice SPLITez

    wood Splitters  made in U.S.A log splitter Honda Engine.          Log Splitter horizontal wood splitters model 25000 SPLITez         
splitez log splitter model 25000 wedge for splitting big woodHonda power log splitter 30 ton built by splitez.comPrince hydraulic cylinder model 25000 log splitters splitez.com


splitez.com  wood splitter log kick off made in U.S.A





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   SPLITez Model 25000       


  •  Prince U.S.A Gladiator hydraulic cylinder  5 " bore 24"   20" & 30"  Stroke 2.500 shaft with 1.500" pins for cross tube ends. 
  •  Honda or Kohler  engine for Power with 22 GPM 2 stage pump.

More Information Model 25000




BIG RED Hydraulic  Big Motor Large Pump Horizontal & Vertical   

 690 & 630 Honda engine,  28 gpm 2 stage pump 

Hydraulic cylinders options

 5"Bore x  30"  BIG Stroke

  5" Bore x 24" Stroke  

   5 " Bore x 20" Stroke Prince - Cross Tube. 

    Phone No.    1 - 661  248   5270   

  Commercial grade  Log Splitters  /   hydraulic wood splitter splitez.com

.Motor mount left or right side. ( Right side in picture )

  • Valves Left hand or right side.  ( Right side in picture )
  • Vertical horizontal  brand name SPLITez.
  • 630 or option 690 V twin Honda.
  • 28 GPM 2 stage pump.
  • Prince Gladiator hydraulic cylinder - 5" bore cross tube shaft .
  • Large reservoir.
  • Dump valve on return stroke less load on valves.
  • Shipping weight of BIG RED  2100 Lbs.  

More information Big Red

   Big Red hydraulic log splitter 30" stroke wood splitters at splitez.com      


Kits to build your own Commercial grade log splitter or parts in stock  to repair wood splitters at a wholesale price.

 Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps, valves,  filters wedges and engine kits.

   Honda log splitter engine splitez.com   log splitter        wood splitters     hydraulic  cylinders   commercial   log splitter   hydraulic cylinders

     More Info go to  Products Page

The best websites to buy hydraulic cylinders. 

hydraulic cylinders ,  wood splitters /  log splitters
Hydraulic Wood Splitter Cylinders at a super low Dollar price
 log splitters Cylinder - Prince    prince gladiator hydraulic  log splitter cylinder splitez
Hydraulic Cylinder Chief .Tie rod hydraulic  cylinder       Chief hydraulic cylinders for log splitter splitez.com



Commercial grade Log splitters  /  wood splitter parts splitez.com 
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 log & wood Splitters splitez.com





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