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                                        10 Ton dump hoist kit
                                           10 Ton hydraulic dump hoist kit for flat bed trucks and trailers

   10 Ton hydraulic  Dump hoist kit is designed for installation on flatbed trucks, 11 to 14 foot bed also will work great on trailers and dump bodies.

  The bed is raised by a 12  volt Hydraulic pump. This is complete dump hoist kit  5"x 16" hydraulic cylinder

   The scissor measurements  for the 10 ton dumphoist kit  is 42"long x 13.5" in height.

  The  kit includes  all cross members, scissor moFlatbed dump hoist kit 10 tonunting hardware' bed hinges' 2 volt pump, valve, hydraulic tank assembly, wiring and switches

   We also have dump hoist kits for  pickups Chev, Dodge, Ford  short, long  bed and different bed length  for flat bed trucks.






      All shipping is from factory by truck freight.

10 ton dump hoist kit for flat bed truck universal


     Shipping weight is 600 lbs


10 Ton hydraulic dump kit

10 Ton flatbed kit  $ 1939.00  

With commercial grade  remote control for a limited time only



      Fractory   wireless Remote Control  $ 99.00


Option 2 Button water tight

$ 29.95 and $ 39.00



Power up hold and power down pumps.

Add  $ 149.00



       For Chev, Ford & Dodge pickup dump hoist kits click here





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                                                           10 ton hydraulic dump hoist  kit