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Turn your pickup or flatbed truck into a dump truck

 Pierce Arrow  universal  hydraulic 

dump hoist kits  for pickups, flatbed

trucks and trailers.

  Now you can convert your Dodge Ram ,

Chevy, GMC, Ford pickups into a useful hydraulic

dump truck. Unload Firewood,

  Rock, Sand, Gravel,  Wood Chips and etc. at a

flip of a switch This is an easy bolt on kit which

includes everything needed to convert your truck.

  The bed is raised by a 12 volt hydraulic pump with

a built in reservoir.

  This bolt on Kit requires minor welding  when connecting

  the bumper to rear hinges.

  The truck bed remains the same height and goes

undetected when installed properly.

  This kit is easily swapped from one truck to the next.

Load capacity on this kit is 4000 lbs.  

Cargo should not exceed G.V.W of your pickup or flatbed.

This unit will lift bed to a 45 degree angle in approx 10 seconds. 


GMC  99 - 15

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Selling Dump Hoist Kits =

  Pickups  2 Ton hydraulic

dump for sale $ 1579.00   

 Best Deal in USA

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These  are not copy cat kits.

They are Pierce Arrow  American made.             


Hydraulic dump hoist kits Pierce Arrow For Ford

up to 2014



Dump hoist kits for Pickup flat bed truck ford chev dodge

Pierce Arrow  hydraulic dump bed kit for  Chev, Ford,and Dodge pickup trucks



     Ford up to 98'                                         PO46-UK 


   Ford F-250 & UP, Long Bed, 99' & UP  PO46-UFLBK


   Ford F-250 & UP, Short Bed, 99' & UP  PO46--UFSBK


  1999 to 2014 Super Duty 6 Foot bed      UFSBK  ( FS )


  1999 to 2014 Super Duty 8 Foot bed      UFLBK    ( FL )



 Ford  $ 1579.00 

      We have low shipping rates U.S.A, Canada

Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico call for quote.


GMC And Chev 

 Hydraulic truck, pickup Dump hoist kit for chev,  ford, or dodge , Pierce Arrow


 Chev - GMC   88' - 98', Long Bed  PO46-UCK 


  Chev - GMC   88' - 98', Short Bed  PO46-UCSBK

 Chev -GMC  99'- 2015 Short  Bed Pickup




 Chev - GMC 99' & UP Long Bed PO46-UCLB99K 


 Chev - GMC   up to 87                  PO46-UK


 Chev   04 to 2014  8' bed only      UCLBK   ( C99L  )

Chev & GMC

$ 1579.00 



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 Dodge Ram                                              


1977 And Older                     

                        UK With 16" frame ( D77 )


1978 To 1983 8' bed and 6' beds 

                    UK with 83" frame   ( D83 )


Dodge 84' -93'                  PO46-UDK4

Dodge 94'-02' Standard Cab

Long Bed                         PO46-UNDK


Dodge 94'-02' Extended Cab

Long Bed                        PO46-UDNELBK


 Dodge 94'-02' Short Bed   PO46-UDNSBK


Dodge up to 83                             PO46- UK 

U.S.A   Factory Shipped  Weight 170 to 206 LBS

 Shipping  for Universal pickup Kits are factory


 Cost of complete kit is only - 


 $ 1579.00 + Low

$$ Shipping Rates.  



Pierce  Arrow                                          

  Complete hydraulic dump kits designed primarily

for installation on 1 ton flatbed or comparable trucks

with an after market dump body.

  They also work well on utility trailers and other

application where space limitations are not a factor.

 The performance capabilities are best suited for

bed lengths between 10 and 14 feet.

   Included are all cross members, scissor mounting,

bed hinges,pump,valve,tank assembly, wiring, and


         U.S.A  Factory Shipped


             7.5 Ton hydraulic flat bed dump hoist kit


     5 Ton Hoist Kit      ( 8'-12'  Flatbed truck or trailers )   

$ 1999.00   Call for low dollar

shipping rate.  Why pay more for

shipping ? Our rates are unbeatable.

Phone  1-661 248 5270

Shipping weight ( 374 LBS.# )

More information


     7.5 Ton Hoist Kit   

( 12'- 14' Flatbed truck or trailers  )  

$ 2299.00   Shipping weight  ( 500 LBS  # )

 Call for low dollar shipping deal Phone 1 661 248 5270

  More information


Ten Ton Dump Kit for flatbeds $ 3400.00


7.5 Ton hydraulic flat bed dump hoist kit



  Commercial Grade Fractory Wireless Remote

Control with purchase of kit  ad 


Power up power down  $ 225.00






 Water Resistant 2-Push Button

Activated Remote.


Model CPO77K  Water Resistant

Push Button Activated Remote.

Contained in an impact-resistant plastic

Housing. O-Ring and Diaphragm seals keep

out the elements in even the most extreme conditions.

2 Button Internal Diode Remote including a 15’ Cord, with

3 Wire Leads for easy installation. 

Used on  Monarch, and other

2 Way Hydraulic Pumps having 1 Solenoid

and 1 Coil.

remote control for dc pumps





Model CPO77K          4 Wire Power up Hold with Power Down
Price $ 49.00



Model CP271MTE Water Resistant Push Button

Activated Remote.

Contained in an impact-resistant plastic

Housing.O-Ring & Diaphragm Seals keep out

the elements in even the most extreme conditions.

2 Button Remote including a 15’ Cord, with 3 Wire



for easy installation.



wire remote control monarch pumps


Model CP271MTE        3 Wire power up gravity
down pumps
Price $ 39.95

  Buyers  DumperDogg  Steel 

/ Stainless Steel /   and Polymer inserts are

a removable unit.  

DumperDogg® Stainless Steel Dump Insert dump  hoist kits 

553 dump hoist kits Ford, Chevy, Dodge Flat Bed truck Kits




 More information  about Buyers

DumperDogg inserts        


  New Item For adding or building your

own Trailer lift 


Click Here for more info about lifts for trailers .


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    Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico 

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 More infomation about Monarch pumps 

      12 volt hydraulic monarch  pumps for truck dump beds




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       Pierce Arrow Pickup, Flatbed  Dump hoist kits

Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Chevy, Dodge Ram