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                                     =  7.5 Ton dump hoist kit  =
                             Hydraulic 7.5 ton dump hoist kit for flatbed trucks


These  are not copy cat kits!!. They are the real deal Pierce Arrow made in the USA.  


 7.5 Ton hydraulic dump hoist  kit for sale $ 2299.00  

       For flatbed trucks for beds 12 to 14 foot or trailers. This complete kit will turn your flat bed into a working dump truck unload  Firewood, lumber,   building materials, dirt, coal, wheat,  rock, sand,  gravel.

       A Pierce Arrow Flatbed dump hoist kit will make life a lot better.


    Makes unloading faster. Within 30 to 45 seconds your trucks  Flatbed will lift to a 45 degree angle. 


Dump hoist kits for Pickup flat beds 5 ton 7.5 ton  



   7.5 hydraulic dump hoist kit for flatbed trucks and trailers


Shipping Weight 500 Lbs #



 7.5 Ton kit  Only   $ 2099.95 


  Call for low dollar shipping rate.  Why pay more for shipping ? Our rates are unbeatable.

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Shipping weight ( 500  LBS.#)

With commercial grade  remote control for a limited time only.


Free  2 Button water tight remote control

$ 39.95  Value    



  Commercial Grade Factory Wireless Remote Control with purchase of kit  ad 

Power up gravity down 







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    All hydraulic dump hoist kits are shipped from factory  U.S.A



                                                            7.5 Ton hydraulic dump hoist kit