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Flow Control Valves


Maintains constant output  flow despite pressure changes. Flow range is adjustable



EZ  Flow Control  0-30 GPM Adjustable 3/4" NPT  No relief   $ 86.00   Each     WT. 9 Lbs








Flow control , log splitter , hydraulic adjustable from 75 - 3000 PSI


Flow Control with relief protection set at 1500 PSI  Price  $ 92.00


Preset at 1500 PSI and field adjustable  from 75 to 3000 PSI.

The valve models are pressure compensated adjustable flow control valves. By rotating the handle, the flow out the CF, or controlled flow port, can be varied from approximately 0 to the maximum controlled flow. Any remaining flow is bypassed to the EX flow port. This flow can be used to power another circuit or can be returned to tank. Once the controlled flow is set it will remain nearly constant with variations in pressure on either the controlled or excess flow ports. This valve has inlet relief protection, set at 1500 PSI. 
Please note: If during operation the controlled flow port is blocked the valve will compensate in such a way as to shut off flow to the excess port. These valves can also be used as a restrictive flow control by plugging the excess flow port. It should be noted that whenever these or any valve is used to bypass or restrict, flow heat will be generated. Steps may be required to keep oil temperature from becoming too high.




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