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                                CARB EPA Compliant Fuel Tank
                  California CARB & EPA approved fuel tanks for Honda and Kohler gas engines.


 Legal for sale in California typically used for off road equipment industry that are power by gasoline engines.  Log Splitters, Concrete saws, lawn care equipment, agricultural, construction equipment, Hydraulic Power units and most engines that are power by gas.  


 General Description of California CARB Compliant  EPA fuel and gas tanks for off road equipment.

  Complete with mounting straps carb canister approved for Kohler, Honda engines California compliance cap fuel lines . 

2.5 Gallon

5 Gallon

5 Gallon low profile

6 Gallon 


California Carb fuel tank 5 Gallon Honda & Kohler Engines

  •  5 gallon tank EPA CARB approved complete kit  parts listed below.
  •  Fill tube.
  •  Carb Fuel cap. 
  •   Grommet.
  •  Fuel line carb approved.
  •  Pick up tube installed.
  •  Carbon Canister.
  •  Hose for canister.
  •  Vent tube.
  •  Hose clamps.
  •  Canister brackets.  
  •  Tie straps.
  •   5 Gallon Tank Mounting Straps. 

In stock 5 Gallon Part No. 5G-CARB  Price     $ 169.95

Call for volume price

 Never overfill fuel tank . Fill only to level indicated on carb fill tube of tank






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California  EPA carb approved fuel gas tanks